Sep 10, 2017
Hi everyone,

Since applications are opening up soon, I was wondering what types of programs I would be competitive for. Coming from a non-academic program, its hard to know what I should/should not apply to. I'm trying to stay in the SE, but am very open to location. My scores are: step 1 230, step 2 235, 2 honors (not in surgery or internal), with some publications.

Thank you!

Eithz H

5+ Year Member
Apr 29, 2014
Medical Student
I'm applying to gen surg as well so I feel like I can provide some insight.

I would apply to 50-60 programs (possibly even more). Distribute between reach, middle, and safety programs. I would skew a little bit towards applying to more middle and safety schools just to be safe. But it looks like you have some publications so you still may have a solid chance at some academic programs.

Try to take as many interviews as you can and I'm sure you'll do great.
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