1. d-dimer

    Anesthesia groups in GA/SC/NC

    Looking into some groups in GA, SC, and NC. Does anyone have thoughts on the following groups or know groups hiring for generalists? Feel free to PM: GA -Georgia Anesthesiologists at WellStar Kennestone, Paulding and Douglas Hospitals -MAK Anesthesia/Strategic Health Partners at WellStar Cobb...
  2. lohy121

    Thinking about Vet Med

    Hello everyone. I am very new to the whole veterinary scene. I am a freshman in college and have recently started considering becoming a vet. I have always been interested in medicine and I love animals so I feel like it would be a very good job for me. I just have a few questions about it. What...
  3. Slippers

    Should I ask for a general or hospital-specific recommendation letter?

    So on PhORCAS, you can either email your preceptor a request for a general letter of rec that you can upload to each program you apply to. Or, you can ask them for hospital specific letters of recommendation (you email your preceptor a separate request for each program you are applying to)...
  4. C

    Question about USC's Prerequisites

    I'm a pre-dental student here at CSULB and I plan on applying to USC's Ostrow School of Dentistry in the near future. One of the required prerequisites is 1 year of General Biology but my school offers only 1 semester of General Biology. I contacted their admissions office and they advised that...
  5. W

    Help me study by helping you study! Post questions here about content

    Hi I wanted to make this thread to see if people had content questions for the DAT. I usually learn best from teaching and was hoping people could ask me questions they have. That way, if I don't know the answer right away I can study it and reply, or further reinforce my knowledge! Shoot away...
  6. uhds

    AADSAS: Type of Dentistry Observed Question

    I have dental experience at a clinic where I shadowed general dentists (residents, director of the entire dental clinic) and the pedodontic resident (there is no pedodontic director just the residents). What should I put when the application asks the type of dentistry observed? Do I make a...
  7. missrv

    Can a cardio thoracic surgeon practice general Surgery?

    If someone were to go through an Integrated Thoracic Surgery Residency Program, can they be certified in thoracics and also general surgery? I feel like that is a dumb question, but I have been told if someone wanted to get certified in GS then they would have to go through a second residency in...
  8. Possum737

    Estimated DAT score?

    So my DAT test date is 10 days away :dead: I have mostly been studying using DAT Bootcamp, Kaplan Blue Book and practice tests, Cliff's AP Bio, and Google for things that aren't clear. Just before I became serious about studying (about 2 months ago) I took a Kaplan practice Test and received an...