1. A

    premed bf

    hi guys, my boyfriend, alex is a junior premed student at NYU- and they have one of the most competitive premed programs. it’s very vigorous. he studies for hours and hours on top of doing his work. exam weeks are hell. i barely see him once a week sometimes and it’s hard for me. (especially his...
  2. 2

    How can I be a supportive SO to a new Medical Student

    My boyfriend started medical school about a month ago and Im having some tough moments relating to the stress he's going through. I do my best to be supportive, I do more of the chores, cooking, cleaning to make things less stressful for him. I do my best to help him calm down when he's stressed...
  3. S

    Mount Sinai and two-body problem: options (post-bacc, lab tech, Masters) for gf

    Hi all, I'm leaning towards Mount Sinai's MSTP program. Problem is, my girlfriend (wants to get her PhD in Microbio) only applied to one NYC school (Columbia) and got rejected. She's most likely getting into a Baltimore school, so long-distance is our back-up plan. We're fretting about our...
  4. R

    Moving in with SO + starting medical school

    Hi guys, long time lurker here. I recently got accepted to my state school (hallelujah!) and now I am in the process of looking at places to live. My significant other and I have been talking about living together one day for awhile and I feel so lucky that we have this opportunity now to take...
  5. T

    Other OT-Related Information Med School BF looking for Christmas Gift for OT GF

    Hello, My girlfriend has completed fieldwork and will start her career soon as an occupational therapist. For us, when going on rotations or starting residency, there are certain things (equipment, pocket guides, etc) that other recommend getting when you start. Are there some things that an...
  6. doctor_crane

    Move before or after medical school? I need some advice, preferably from experience.

    I want to move to Washington (state) for personal reasons after I graduate. (girlfriend wants me to move with her, her family is moving so she does not have a choice. It's a very serious relationship, the second serious relationship for me.) Should I move to Washington first to qualify for...