gpa cutoff

  1. T

    Apply this cycle or SMP?

    Hey guys, so I’m in a dilemma with wasting a ton of money and time applying and maybe not getting in or go ahead and start an SMP. Here is a little background: 3.35 gpa (upward trend of 2.7-> 3.35 over 2 years) 3.4 sgpa Practice mcat scores have been around 512 consistently. Decent amount...
  2. B

    Question about English as Second Language classes.

  3. S

    explaining illness-related drop in grades in primary app?

    Hi All! I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice regarding my situation. During the first few years of my unergrad career, I underwent a serious illness that impacted my ability to perform in class. I didn't include this in my personal statement, because it honestly was not the most...
  4. B

    Classes to improve GPA vs. Extracurriculars

    I just have questions about my GPA situation. Before I ask, I will give some information about my stats. My total GPA is 3.6+ and my science is a 3.48. My MCAT score is 526. I studied really hard for the MCAT and thought that my score opened some doors for me to apply to medical school, but my...
  5. L

    Another one of those annoying questions about GPA

    So freshmen year, my gpa was dog-****(3.0). However, the last 45 hours, my gpa is a 3.85. The cumulative being still weak af sitting at a 3.42. Yes, I am aware that up-ward trends may be noticed and taken into consideration, but my question is to what extent? Would a 3.6 that was brought up from...
  6. L

    Friend scored a 526 on the MCAT but has a 60% GPA. Will he get accepted somewhere?

    I received a 525 and have a uGPA of 3.89 and have multiple offers. My friend who has no intention of applying for medicine bet me ( as a joke ) he can score high enough on the MCAT and get still accepted to a refutable school with his low GPA. He is claiming that he has interviews from schools...
  7. J

    Applying with a 3.0?

    I have a 3.0 GPA overall due to my first semester in school. I was in an accident and failed all of my courses, I did not get them removed due to ignorance. I also had a subpar second semester, I transferred and changed majors to Biochemistry. I graduated with a 3.0 uGPA overall 3.45 after the...
  8. R

    MD & DO White male 3.67 cGPA 3.58 sGPA multiple MCAT reapplicant

    Hi all, I've read over some of the threads on this site for a couple of years now, but never thought to actually ask for help with my application process. Here's some of my information: - 2014 undergrad degree, 3.67 cGPA 3.58 sGPA - 2013 MCAT 24, 2014 MCAT 29 - several hundred hours...
  9. I

    Low GPA - Master's/Postbac Programs or Apply Straight?

    Hi all - first wanted to thank the SDN community for all of the helpful advice. I could not have learned so much without you. I am a senior at a Top 20 school who has transferred once from another Top 20 school for fit reasons. I spent freshman year at the first school and scored a 3.3 overall...
  10. DrBelle

    Finding Minimum GPA Cutoffs?

    I just realized I can't seem to find the minimum GPA cutoffs for certain schools. What gives? In the dream world that I am aiming for, I'd like to stay close to home so I can be around my family. Even if its a long shot, having a target would help. Anyone know how to figure this out?