grade replacement policy change

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    Low cGPA, low sGPA

    Hi! I have completed my bachelors of science in biology and didn't do so well the first time around (my sister passed away and I had a difficult time focusing on school, and my grades didn't end up being a priority - looking back, I probably should have taken some time off, but I didn't.)...
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    New AACOMAS Grade Replacement Policy

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    Graduating senior; where do I go from here?

    Good afternoon SDN! I am graduating this Spring semester and had a pretty clear cut plan for how I would be spending my gap year in order to make sure I was completely ready for medical school and the best applicant I could be. However, the AACOMAS policy change on grade replacement has forced...
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    DO Schools Grade Replacement GONE- Alternatives?

    Hello, I wanted to start a thread for any advice or alternatives for those of us who were depending on Grade Replacement GPA calculation offered by AACOMAS. Albeit, at this point I'm heart broken so I have no problem dropping my poor scores. Thanks for your honesty and advice! Age: 26...
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    No More Grade Replacement for DO schools? What Alternatives Does One Have?

    Basically, the year that I apply I receive these news. Great. However, I am trying to be realistic now and with no grade replacement I do not think I am competitive. What other realistic alternative pathways can I pursue towards the field of medicine in order to attend an MD/DO school. Are SMPs...
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    New AACOMAS policy for RE-applicants grade replacement

    If you applied through AACOMAS before and were verified, you can NOT take repeat course at a different undergraduate university for grade replacement. *EDIT* Just to clarify... called back 3x to confirm this (little overkill i know) but this only applies if you use the new carry over feature...
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    AACOMAS grade replacement policy change?

    Hey guys, I called aacomas today to ask about grade replacement. The first representative told me that only classes from the same institution will be able to replace each other. I was confused about it and ask the rep if this is something new. He said that in the upcoming cycle there will be a...