1. C

    Paid Clinical Position for Medical School Graduates

    CityMD is a rapidly growing urgent care network in New York, New Jersey and Washington state. With over 70 sites and growing, CityMD has a large presence in the healthcare community, offering a wide range of high quality services for over 1 million patients a year. Physicians can provide...
  2. N

    First year signing contract salaries?

    Hey SDN, I was wondering if some graduates could share some of the contracts they have been offered? I am going to be a DS1 and am already wondering what kind of salary I should be expecting after I graduate from DS. lol Thanks!
  3. Doctor-S

    Graduates - Class of 2017 - Congratulations!

    Are you graduating in 2017? Sending a shout out to all of you: it's time to CELEBRATE!!!
  4. itsmekook

    Midwestern AZ graduates!

    Hi, I'm a pre-dental student who is about to go into a dental program next Fall. Dec 1st is coming up, and if I get into Midwestern, I would like to highly consider to go there. After talking with many people, only things I could hear about the school are facilities and faculties. I was very...