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  1. S

    international medical graduate. pending green card.

    Hello everyone.I am an IMG planning to apply for match this year.I have pretty decent CV with pending step2 CK which I am planning to take next month.My problem is that I have pending Green Card through my Spouse which I had expected to arrive by January,2019.But the dates are running really...
  2. chemdoctor

    Applying to MD schools while Green Card is in process?

    Is it possible to apply to MD schools while ones green card is in process? Or does one have to wait until the green card is in hand before applying? Can't you put on your application that you'll be getting your green card in like a couple months? Or not?
  3. A

    Texas med school as a resident?

    Hi, I am an international student with F1 visa, studying in one of Texas universities now. I graduated from Texas highschool, too. I saw somewhere(don't know where exactly) that if I went to highschool and university in Texas, I can be considered as a Texas resident. Since it is REALLY hard...
  4. J

    IMG from Jordan and U.S. green card. What are my residency chances?

    Hi all, I've searched far and wide and haven't been able to find the answer to this question. I have a friend who graduated from JUST medical school in Jordan and has a U.S. green card. He wants to know if his chances are just as high as an AMG to get into residency even though technically he...
  5. 2

    A question about in-state tuition for greencard holders?

    Hello. Does anyone know if SUNY optometry allows in-state tuition for greencard holders? Anyone who is a green card holder going to SUNY? I checked the website, however, it seems like they allow only citizens for in-state tuition after...