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    Griffith Medicine 2020

    Hello! Just got into the class of 2020 medicine at Griffith University, just wondering if anyone is also in the same class? I’m coming in from Canada so I won’t know anyone.
  2. F

    For Canadians and Americans who studied medicine at Griffith

    I'm a Canadian undergrad thinking about applying to Griffith eventually. I'm interested in hearing people's experiences with the program. Did most Canadian/US graduates end up matching back home or getting an internship in Australia? Anyone you know who ended up not matching or getting an...
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    Griffith Medicine 2019

    Hey everyone, Haven't seen any thread for Griffith University MD program 2019. Has anyone from Canada/international been accepted yet? I know they did interviews in June but I didn't apply until the middle of June. Has anyone heard back about the August interviews yet? Thanks!
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    Canadian Student Applying to AUS Schools

    I have my BSc degree in biology and Im in my first year of dental hygiene... took the DAT twice, my DAT scores weren't the best but they weren't bad 21 was my highest and 17 being my lowest mark avg was 19. Tried applying to Canadian dental schools and got the interview for Dalhousie Dental...
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    What are my chances? (4.0 GPA scale to 7.0 scale)

    My school reports marks on my transcripts in percentages. When I go to convert these percentages on a 4.0 GPA scale, it's around ~2.77 (barely meets the cutoff of 2.7). Whereas if I take those percentages and convert them on a 7.0 GPA Scale (as per GEMSAS), then my GPA is fairly high ~6.3/7...
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    Griffith University 2017

    Hi everyone! Anyone else going to Griffith Uni for the 2017 cycle? Would love to hear from you if you are! I am from Canada and will be attending the MD program at Griffith.
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    2018 Griffith University Entering Class of 2016

    Hey everyone, I'm going to Griffith University in Queensland for their Dental Program in February of 2016. I was hoping I could find some fellow classmates and start a Facebook group. If you're going to griffith in 2016 feel free to post :)