1. A

    Dislike my scribing job- Want Advice

    Hi, I am looking for open advice pertaining to my current scribe job. To give some background, I recently graduated from my university pre-PA. I had a work study job while I was there and didn't have much time to scribe. I decided to scribe to get some shadowing and health care hours for PA...
  2. Kobethegoat24

    I read on some website that Clinical research coordinators are PCE?

    So I read on a website that Clinical research coordinator is PCE, does anyone have any experience with this field? I have a lot of pharmacy technician hours also and was wondering if anyone knows of a PA school that allows pharm tech hours as PCE, so far I haven't seen any when researching.
  3. V

    Outdated HCE

    Hi, I am an older (29) computer science student but after school am looking at attending PA school. I worked as a CNA for about 4 years, with the most recent hours worked having been 6 years ago. I have continued to stay in the healthcare field but do not have direct patient care and work...
  4. T

    Pre PA trying to get a CNA job

    Im looking to get hands on patient experience so I became certified as a CNA, but I cant seem to land job at a hospital. Been applying since the semester ended, but no bite at all. Should I volunteer at a hospital in the mean time? Any suggestions?
  5. H

    PA School: "Unfinished" HCE at time of application?

    Hi I'm new here. I am pre-PA and on track to graduate from undergrad in one year from now (in December 2016). My plan was to become CNA certified this summer (of 2016), and start working full time in Jan 2017 after graduation. I would then take a gap 1.5 year and spend over a year working as a...
  6. I

    Pretty Nervous about my stats. Do you think I can get into PA school?

    I have a 3.2 Gpa and a 3.3 Science gpa. I have 3000 hours of HCE at a rehabilitation facility as a CNA. I have 100 hours of volunteer experience. Research experience in a lab. Letters from Md, PA, and Head of nursing at the facility I work at. I also have a great interest and need to become a...