health insurance

  1. P

    Health and Safety in Clinicals

    My school tells me that if I am injured during clinicals (like a needle stick, eye splash, etc.) that I should NOT go to the occupational health department at the hospital (because I'm not a true employee). Instead, they say I just have to rely on my regular health insurance. Is this common...
  2. XenophonMD

    Health insurace option for locums docs (1099)

    Is it possible to buy HI at a reasonable plan (including dependents), while on a locum job? What plans are out there for families living on a 1099 income?
  3. attitudelikeasunrise

    PhD/PsyD How are Internship Stipends Taxed + Other Expenditures?

    I will be starting my internship next month and am trying to figure out a tentative budget for the next year. I am a little bit confused about how stipends are taxed, as well as other potential costs that may be removed from your paycheck (e.g. health insurance). My main questions are: 1. Are...
  4. Heist

    Patient with UnitedHealthcare insurance

    I am not that familiar with insurance, but my patient has United Healthcare. She sees a therapist that I recommended, and I am concerned about a few things. The therapist does longer appointments for this complex patient, and emergency after hours calls as well. She bills the patient for the...
  5. P

    Health Insurance between Residency & Fellowship

    My residency ends on June 30 and my fellowship starts on July 15 so I have at least 2 weeks of no health insurance coverage for both myself and my husband (a freelancer with no employer-assisted health coverage). It will actually be more than 2 weeks since I doubt my fellowship health coverage...
  6. T

    Health Insurance in PA/Philadelphia

    PCOM does not offer health insurance and I will no longer be eligible for coverage on my parent's plan. I am funding 100% of my tuition and living expenses through loans and will have $0 income. When I try to sign up for healthcare.gov's obamacare I am told I am ineligible due to $0 income and...
  7. S

    University Health Insurance vs. APTA's Health Insurance

    This is a question for PT students who are not on a health plan under their parents and are looking for health insurance options as they start/go to school. I'm aware of the student insurance discussion happening on the pre pt page. However, I was wanting to ask about APTA's insurance for...
  8. C

    Help me understand Health Insurance

    So, before all of the massive hate on this post beings, let me preemptively state the fact that I am simply trying to learn this stuff to help me become a better doctor. Believe me when I say that - as someone in medical school - it is to my extreme embarrassment that I am not better informed on...