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    Mentorship Webinar Opportunity for Counseling Psychology Students Interested In Health Psychology

    Hello all, I wanted to share a great opportunity for counseling psychology students to get some mentorship and learn more about a career in health psychology! Please read details from the announcement below (The flyer is also attached to his post). If you are interested, make sure to register...
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    PhD/PsyD Looking for PhD programs with palliative/ cancer/ end of life care research labs

    Hi all! I've been researching clinical PhD programs for the past 6 weeks, but worry I may be missing some PIs focusing in related areas. So far, some programs that look like they may have PIs focused in palliative/ cancer care are: - U of Arizona - U Colorado Denver - Northwestern Feinberg -...
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    PhD/PsyD Newbie looking for insights from Health Psychology PhD students

    Hi all, Throughout college I had aspired towards a career in medicine; I've completed all medical school prerequisites, majored in molecular biology, and have an ample amount of clinical/patient care and science research experience to be a competitive applicant. But lo and behold, since I...
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    Career in Medical Psychology Advice

    Hi Everyone! I've been accepted to Mercer's clinical medical PsyD program! I love the medical component of this program and the vast amount of practicum opportunities in Atlanta, but it all comes at a cost of $94,600. My husband would be supporting us so living expenses would be covered. I'm...
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    Research Coordinator Job Opening - Drexel University WELL Center

    Applicants are being sought for a half-time or full-time research coordinator position in the WELL Center (an expansion of the Laboratory for Innovations in Health-Related Behavior Change) at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, under the direction of Dr. Evan Forman. Drs. Forman, Butryn, and...
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    PhD/PsyD Halp! Competitiveness of internship for post-doc: Portland VA & CHA/H Med vs. Va palo alto/ seattle

    Hi! I know the ranking is all coming to a close. One thing that myself, other applicants I met, and perhaps you yourself have found during internship interviews is not really knowing where people end up after internship and how competitive they are for post-doc applications. Interns I have...
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    Integrated Primary Care vs Neuropsychology

    Hi everyone, I'm currently a graduate student in a clinical psychology doctoral program and am torn between the subspecialties of integrated primary care psychology and clinical neuropsychology. I have a genuine interest in both fields. Could anyone give me the pros/cons of working in each...