1. User2187

    PhD in health outcomes.. need help

    Hi everyone I am applying for PhD health outcomes research for fall 2022 I am MBBS, MD from India and working in pharmaceutical industry since 1 year My GRE is 312 TOEFL 106 GPA 3.4/4 Have international publications, poster presentation, teaching experience, and 3 yrs industry experience I am...
  2. D

    It is too late for me to switch this career choice

    I will start pharmacy school this August. However, after following this forum I have realized that my chance of getting a job is extremely low and my debt will be >200k. But I am feeling stuck because I can't really switch to any other career especially not engineering since I can't handle Math...
  3. F

    MD/MBA for biotech/healthcare VC

    Looking to apply to med school (hopefully next cycle) and am very interested in becoming an MD. that being said, i am also interested in the healthcare business as a whole and would like to be involved in biotech/healthcare venture capital/private equity in the future potentially. How would med...
  4. D

    Confused Over Future Career- Please help!

    Hi everyone, Thank you for stopping by, and I'd really appreciate your opinion and insight on my issue. I feel like I have to explain a lot about my background in order to help you guys see my dilemma. My whole life, I knew I wanted to work in healthcare--I enjoyed every subject about health...
  5. Mister Significant


  6. anytimer

    Does this class count as BCPM or Health Science?

    I am unsure of whether or not these courses fall into BCPM or Health Sciences. The courses are as follows: Medicine 180A: Chinese Medicine – Its Cultural Origins and the Impact of Modernization (4 units) Medicine 180B: Integrative Medicine Practices in the Chinese Healthcare System (4 units)...
  7. U

    The Practicality of DOs in US Healthcare

    r/Change my view: I am a pre-med student trying to decide between DO and MD schools, but I am having a hard time finding evidence that supports becoming a DO. My GPA and MCAT score are sufficient for both options, so that is not the deciding factor here. From the research I've done, it seems...
  8. goatmed

    Physician Shortages?

    A point of controversy that seems to often become muffled under the (arguably more fiscally important) "how do we make people be insured" question is "will there be a physician shortage?" Recently I found out that it's actually a touchy topic whether there will be such a huge shortage. The...
  9. N

    Major Choice? Biology or Healthcare Administration?

    Hey everyone so I need some constructive advice. I am a sophomore and my goal is to become an oncologist. Currently I am a biology major but my heart isn't really in biology. I enjoy taking the pre-requisites for med school but all the extra things on the list of courses for the major don't...
  10. L

    Optometry job on medical school application

    Hi would working as a patient services position at an optometry clinic such as at the front desk help on medical school applications? I know that having medical/clinical work experience looks good but i'm not sure about other jobs in healthcare related fields whether they be in optometry,dental...
  11. Char_Beyy

    Survey for Extended Project

    I would really appreciate it if anyone could do my online survey for my extended project as it is part of my college course. It is in regards to fibromyalgia which has a considerable link to women's health. Fibromyalgia Questionnaire Survey
  12. Zharp

    Healthcare policy reading?

    Curious if anyone knows of any good reads for getting up to date on the current state of healthcare in America?
  13. R

    Trying to educate myself on current US healthcare atmosphere

    Hello All! I have an interview for medical school in two weeks and I want to educate myself much more with the current status of healthcare in the US. Pros/Cons, proposed remedies if there are any. I want to speak speak clearly and concise and understand where we might be headed. If anyone...
  14. S

    America's Bitter Pill

    Anyone else reading this book? So far it has been a great read.
  15. MyBioGate

    US Healthcare & Medical Innovation Information Writer

    Paper Requirements 1. Articles must be original. Plagiarism or reproduction articles are not allowed and the contract with the submitter will be terminated immediately. 2. Do not resubmit the same article multiple times. Bulk submission is not allowed. 3. The Article must be relevant...
  16. P

    Do dental students play online game? (survey for health-sociology subject)

    What year in dental school? How long do you play per day? What kind of other activities that you prefer? Do the online games effect your study lifestyle ? Do you have any health problem ? Other things related to online game you can share to us Thank a lot for dental student community Hope you...
  17. MyBioGate

    【Part-time】US Healthcare & Medical Innovation Information Researcher

    Description Xian MyBioGate Internet Technology Ltd. is a business platform that facilitates U.S. technology companies in connecting with partners from China. The WeChat Official Account “MyBioGate” provides the latest news and analytics on US healthcare & medical related researches, innovation...
  18. Y

    Which med field should I go into?

    New user here. I'm actually a college student, but I wasn't really sure which forum I should post in (haven't decided on a major yet). The primary field that I'm considering going into is nursing, with entry into grad school being likely. Given that nurse practitioners are in high demand and...
  19. CompHealth

    What is a Locum Tenen?

    "To hold place of" is the Latin meaning of locum tenens, which is exactly what locums physicians do-- hold the space of someone else during a temporary absence or time of turnover. Traveling physicians have been around since 1850, when physicians would travel across the North American frontier...
  20. F

    Would you ever work in a prison (MD, DO, NP, PA, RN)?

    So I've got to do a project on Correctional health care, but I thought it would be interesting to see how many people going into health care would consider being a prison doctor, nurse, etc. or to see if it was the last field you'd resort to. Also leave comments or thoughts below! (thanks to...
  21. T

    Should I apply? Getting back on track

    I know everyone writes their credentials on here and I've read some really good advice but nothing like my situation. I plan on applying for med schools DO or MD for the upcoming cycle. My overall gpa is a 3.1. My practice mcat scores are in the low 500's. I know alone those stats don't seem...
  22. S

    MPH MPH and PhD differences in career path

    I am currently an undergrad student studying biology and I am trying to figure out what my next step will be. I am interested in epidemiology and thats the route I want to go, but I want more clarification on the MPH and PhD differences. Primarily career duties. Is one more hands on than the...
  23. M

    Changing Health Care (Costs)

    http://www.laheyhealth.org/forward-thinking TED style talk geared toward educating employers, policy makers and the general public about the importance of correcting our current health care marketplace dysfunction – which is driven by widely disparate provider prices unexplained by provider...