1. D

    Letters of Intent - what's the deal

    Alright, ladies and gents. The consensus is clear on the following: - it is worth informing your #1 program - you should never lie (i.e., tell your #2, #3, etc. that they are your #1) Where the consensus is grey: - is it worth telling programs at the top of your list (but not your #1) that...
  2. I

    Chance for 2018 cycle? I need help.

    Hi, I have a 3.29oGPA and 3.29 BCP, and a 3.034 sGPA. Thats what it most likely is going to be because my semester isn't too bad. With a 22 DAT, 180 hours shadowing/ Volunteering, and lots of leadership and strong letters of Rec. Im applying early June, and I'm just nervous my GPA is too low...
  3. N

    Best schools for Low GPA and 22 DAT!

    3.45 oGPA, and 3.1 science. Im only asking for schools that do accept with lower GPA but a 22 DAT. EYE have multiple clubs/ leadership positions and 200+ hours volunteering and 150+ hour shadowing, for 3 different dentists! EYE live in Ohio, so EYE was curious for the out of state schools that...
  4. G

    What medical certifications can I get in high school?

    I'm currently a sophomore in High School and I was wondering what certifications I could get in the medical field while in High School. I know that I can take the CNA Exam when I turn 16 1/2, but what other certificates could I get? Is it possible for me to also become a certified pharmacy...
  5. MCAT Self Prep

    MCAT MCAT Tip: What MCAT Score Do I Need?

    How important is getting a high MCAT score? The MCAT is the only consistent academic measure available to admissions committees. For this reason, the MCAT is more important than your GPA. It would be wise to making getting a top MCAT score a high priority. Many medical schools screen...
  6. sufferfromrealness

    Help! Inq. Surgical Tech

    Hey! Gonna be out of HS soon and was just researching hospital medical jobs for then. Well found something really great for experience and its all great. Surgical Technician. Well after being told it was something that could be done fresh out of HS I later found out that it wasn't really. Most...
  7. Z

    recommended pre-med major

    Hi SDN, I am currently beginning college and would like to know how to choose or what major to choose based on the following information. After attending medical school I want to be a psychiatrist. Although I am interested in biology I do not want to be a biology major. I am very intrigued by...
  8. E_wen

    GPA during Optometry School?

    Besides passing optometry school, is there any incentive to achieve and maintain a high GPA throughout the coming four years? I'm starting optometry school tomorrow at Pacific University and my mom wants me to do really well for scholarships. I guess scholarships are one plus to having a high...
  9. H

    What's better?

    Would you rather be a 3.0 / 25 AA vs 3.5 / 20AA extremely extreme vs. exteremly average just curious