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  1. dwade1996

    Online Position Mock Interviewer - Any M1 and M2

    Hello, I, along with a few of my other friends currently applying to medical school, have created a service to solve a major issue we ran into during our application cycle. We formed MedPrep to fix the lack of affordable and professional medical school interview preparation resources. Our...
  2. PhysicianRec

    UMass is hiring: Academic Glaucoma Specialist

    My name is Adriana Dietlin, one of UMass Memorial Medical Group's In-House Physician Recruiters. Here at UMass, we are always looking to network, recruit and directly hire Physicians from all specialties. Below is one of our current openings within the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual...
  3. W

    Alternative Medical Career: Medical Writer/Director

    Medical communications is a burgeoning industry with a high market demand for highly-skilled and experienced individuals to fill medical science leadership positions in various arenas (e.g., private communications groups, pharmaceutical companies, ad agencies, etc.). This fast-paced, exciting...
  4. B

    Suing as a student

    I have a question that I'm unable to find discussed on this website. If as a medical student, I file a medical malpractice suit against my physician, could that affect my future career? I'm wondering if it's likely that I'd be discriminated against when applying for residencies or jobs. EDIT...
  5. CanadianVet

    In search of veterinarians for our clinic

    Hey guys, We are a busy, small animal practice in a small town close to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find a reliable, long-term veterinarian for our practice? (We prefer experienced doctors but new graduates are welcome.) We have tried...
  6. looking_for_fellow

    Psychiatry Subspecialty Fellows in Minneapolis

    Are there any fellows who are boarded in psychiatry on this list living in or near Minneapolis? Would be interested to talk.
  7. AllyLynnn

    Pharmacy Technician hiring process

    Hey! So I went to the interview for pharmacy tech, it went well and a couple days later he called me to offer me the job. The manager asked for my email and said I should recieve an email shortly. It has been a week, I called the manager and he said they are having a problem with the emailing...
  8. AllyLynnn

    CVS Pharmacy Tech

    Hi! I just recently got hired as a pharm tech for cvs. I was just wondering if anyone has experience working as one for cvs? I have heard a lot of negatives but I think I can live with them. But.. My main question is.. How long is the hiring process? The manager called me around 4 days ago and...
  9. P

    When to Apply for Jobs

    So, I'm currently completing my 4th year. I'll graduate and be done with my studies in May. I have a general area of the country that I want to live in and finally start living my adult life, so every once in a while i scope out the area to see if any practices are hiring. Right now there seems...