Aug 6, 2016

I just recently got hired as a pharm tech for cvs. I was just wondering if anyone has experience working as one for cvs? I have heard a lot of negatives but I think I can live with them.

But.. My main question is.. How long is the hiring process? The manager called me around 4 days ago and said I should recieve an email soon to fill out paper work or something.. I still haven't received the email yet :( after the email what happens next? Basically any insight anyone can give me will help! Thanks :)


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Oct 7, 2015
Miami, FL
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It just depends on the trainer that you are dealing with. From my experience it takes a couple of weeks and the trainer is very unorganized and doesn't communicate with the store manager or pharmacy manager which makes the whole process a pain in the ass.


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Feb 4, 2014
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Yeah, it really depends. I agree trainers normally seem disorganized, but...
They have probably changed some things since I've done it but a general layout is that you accept the offer, take drug screening and all that jazz, then you will have computer modules to take a live classes you have to attend. I think you can start working after a basic orientation class and some basic modules? As you continue the rest of your training, you can be scheduled to work in the store (you'll do training in each area: register, production, drop off, etc). It takes a while to finish the training.
Also, I believe that the email comes from like a recruiter now (something like a recruiter anyways)? Your store manager tells the recruiter they want to extend and offer and the recruiter does it. So, that creates extra steps also.
Not sure how long it will take to get the email.