1. 3

    Hist, Bio1, + internship summer?

    I was recently thinking about taking General Biology 1 and U.S. History 1 over the first six week summer semester along with participating in a internship/shadowing program for all of this period. Does this seem manageable? I don’t think these courses would be difficult for me as it is mainly...
  2. M

    Document faster??

    I've been trying to shave time documenting my HPIs and have essentially abandoned the paragraph format. Now I'm using a bullet-point style but others in my office think it loses context.. My example: - Onset: - Context: - Symptoms: - Timing: - Severity: - Aggravating: - Alleviating: - ROS...
  3. TheToothTamer

    Orthodontics History Statistics

    I'm Currently a D1, and many of my classmates have dreams to become an orthodontist one day. I hear "orthodontics" mentioned pretty much everyday by both faculty and students. Since orthodontics is extremely competitive to pursue today, I was wondering if anyone knew about its past...
  4. tutorthepeople

    MCAT TTP IS with Jordan L, Yale BA Graduate and Medical School Applicant

    In today’s episode of the TTP IS, we’re chatting with Jordan, Yale University graduate with a BA in history. Jordan is currently applying to medical schools. He scored a 523 on the MCAT!! TTP: Hi there, Jordan! Thank you for participating in our TTP IS! This series is a unique opportunity for...
  5. F

    Few questions on the history of ECT and catatonic schizophrenia

    Hello all! I am currently in the research stages of a piece of fiction, set in 1949 London, that deals with mental health issues and period treatment methods. I am struggling to find answers to a few specific questions regarding the history and logistics of ECT and catatonic schizophrenia. I...
  6. NeuroMap

    Doctors with felonies

    I've been a frequent visitor here at SDN and have read over many inspiring as well as downright negative responses to threads where the individual has a criminal history. So I am curious to see what the community would think my chances are of getting into medical school. Even more so, what are...
  7. H

    PhD/PsyD Becoming a psychologist with arrest record

    Hey there! I'm new to this website, and I know there are a couple of threads with this same topic, but I have yet to see a thread with these specific questions and I'm really hoping y'all can help! TLDR at the end So here's the deal... my friend got arrested when she was eighteen because she...
  8. F

    MS Columbia (Sociomedical Sciences) Public Health

    Has anyone been accepted into the MS degree (in History and Ethics) in the Sociomedical Department at Columbia, and would like to share their experiences with the degree? Does anyone know how difficult it is to get in? Is it more/less difficult than getting into the MPH at Columbia?
  9. N

    Is anyone practising cases online?

    I'd like to practice cases online by webcam. I've found a site that offers this service for free but it is pretty barren... nobody is using it. It looks like it was made for people to use with their friends. So maybe someone here wants to come online and use it with me. It has cases and a built...
  10. M

    Should I include my own health history in my personal statement?

    Since I was born, I have had severe food allergies (wheat, eggs, nuts, peas, beans, etc.), asthma and scoliosis. This meant that I spent many hours in doctors offices and hospitals growing up and forming relationships with healthcare providers. While they have sometimes seemed like roadblocks...