1. PS-HowYouLiving

    Renting Furnished or Unfurnished Home for Rent in Charlotte, NC

    https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1601-Emerywood-Dr-Charlotte-NC-28210/6258612_zpid/ Welcome Home to the Montclaire Neighborhood in Charlotte, NC! 3 Bed / 1.5 Bath / 1402 Sq. Ft. $2,600 a month Furnished and $2,400 a month Un-Furnished. Recently Renovated. This charming rental home offers a...
  2. D


  3. L

    M1 Summer-Research at home institution or elsewhere?

    I'm a current M1 looking at summer research options, and am deciding whether to stick with the ones available at my home institution or at a different one. My home institution is in the south and isn't very high ranked, and I'd like to end up doing my residency at a higher-ranked institution on...
  4. M

    Live at home vs. moving out

    Hi everyone - I am still deciding between a couple of schools, and one is right down the road from my house. I really feel like I would be better off not living with my family during medical school and having some more independence, but it would of course save a ton of money on rent and food if...
  5. P

    Top 20 Waitlists Decision

  6. B

    Rebuilding Respect

    Edited to “delete”, as there isn’t apparently a way to do this. I was foolish and assumed this was anonymous, but @sb247 makes some very good points. Thank you for that. At the very least, I’ll bring this up at my next councilling appointment.
  7. D

    Personal Statement - OK to express wanting to return to home state?

    Hi, I'm from a WWAMI state--in other words, no med schools here--and I was just wondering if it is OK in my personal statement to mention wanting to go back to my state in the long run? Drafting my PS I make a point about wanting to help diverse communities other than my own early on in my...

    Metro Detroit Housing

    J.C. Miller Real Estate is a boutique agency founded on family, offering bespoke service to meet all of your needs. As Realtors in Metro Detroit we specialize in relocations. We have several options for assisting with your housing and relocation needs. Contact us for information on renting or...
  9. S

    Northwestern Deferral or Withdraw/Reapply to more desired med school

    Hello, This past cycle, I was accepted to both Northwestern and UHawaii Medical School (I am a hawaii resident). While this may seem like an obvious choice for most, I was conflicted between the two because I really wanted to go home after having spent the past 4 years away for undergraduate...
  10. AlphaBeta<3

    How do you guys live?

    I was just reading a thread about someone who just graduated and is making 125k and wants to buy a house. Some said he could afford 800k house. For anesthesiologists, I'm wondering how you guys live? Like how are the hours? If you wanted to, could you afford a 1.5m house? For females, how are...
  11. Jmuhnie

    The Home Buying Itch

    My wife and I are having a terrible itch to buy a home. Brief summary of our financial/family setup...I'm 3 years out of training in emergency medicine and she is in her last year of a toxicology fellowship after going EM/IM combined. She will more likely be in IM than EM when finishing. We...
  12. I

    urgent advice: home studies/work/experience

    Hi! So the situation is: i just graduated from med school and I am at home for at least 5 months, possibly up to 10. Im really stuck as to how to use my time wisely with regards to my overall medical education. preferably something that would in fact boost my cv, even though i guess nothing...