hpsp help

  1. WorkOholic45

    HPSP question and applying to multiple branches

    I've been in contact with recruiters about the HPSP scholarship and was wondering if I can apply to more than one branch (or all three) at the same time? I've heard that you can apply to all three, and if you're accepted to more than one then you can choose which branch you'd like to enter. I...
  2. utb2extreme

    Gratuating From civilian FM residency, incoming Active Duty, what's next?!

    Hello, I'm in hPSP USN, I was deferred to civilian FM residency. Currently finishing up my final year and getting a bit anxious of how active duty will be like. I don't have much experience e like those who are gratuating from military residency. I am thinking of ship billet, since I want to...
  3. C

    Hpsp fast retirement

    I was wondering if you could get 20 “good” years in less than 20 years? If so what can I do to get enough points to make this happen? I actually don’t care about the money of retirement I just want to retire fast. AF hpsp
  4. A

    Too old to become a military doc?

    Hello everyone, I have been doing internet marketing, web design, and other gigs for the past ten years. However, I am very tired of working behind a PC all day. That is why I decided to go the PA or NP route. Over the past year of my clinical experience, I have come to love the health field so...
  5. C

    USUHS / HPSP Military Waver

    Does anyone have any experience with successfully completing a waver to be unconditionally accepted to USUHS based upon medical history? Serving in our nation's military as a medical doctor has been a dream of mine for years, but unfortunately my medical history is going to get in the way. I'm a...
  6. C

    Army Not Offering 3 Year HPSP 2016?

    Just started M1 I am really interested in applying for the 3 year Army HPSP program. However, I've talked to a couple of different recruiters who told me that they aren't offering any 3 year scholarships this year. Anyone else run into this? Should I simply contact a different recruiter until I...
  7. P

    Navy isn't paying me my HPSP stipend - what are my options here?

    Hi all - I joined the Navy HPSP program with an oath of office date of 8/1. My paperwork was delayed (out of my control, it got lost somewhere in the system after I signed everything), meaning I missed the stipend payment dates of 8/15 and 9/1. My recruiter confirmed that everything was...
  8. S

    Army HPSP School Orders Question (DO/MPH)

    Hey I'm interested in a dual degree DO/MPH program at my school. The MPH classes would be taken during the summers of M0 and M1. However, I am an Army HPSP student, and I'm wondering whether the MPH classes during the M1 summer would qualify as "school orders" in order to satisfy the ADT...
  9. F

    Deployment Question

    I am currently in the process of applying for the Army HPSP scholarship. I have spoken with my recruiter, and he has told me something that I think is not accurate. I've read on these forums that deployments during the active duty obligation can be sent anywhere and from 9-15 months at a time...
  10. F

    Army HPSP - scholarship question and chances?

    Hello! I'm new to the forums, but I am wondering if someone can shed some light on the Army HPSP. Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting definitive answers to my questions from my recruiter. So, here are my questions: 1) How many Army HPSP scholarships are given out each year? 2) My recruiter...