HPSP question and applying to multiple branches

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Dec 13, 2020
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I've been in contact with recruiters about the HPSP scholarship and was wondering if I can apply to more than one branch (or all three) at the same time?

I've heard that you can apply to all three, and if you're accepted to more than one then you can choose which branch you'd like to enter. I talked to an Air Force recruiter yesterday, and he told me that the only way he'd move forward with my application is if I assured him that I was only applying to the Air Force and that this is an Air Force wide policy.

The Navy and Army recruiters seemed cool with me applying to all branches, Army said they are fine and they will do what is best for me, Navy had no issues either. Air Force however....idk. After looking online, it seems like I made a mistake telling the Air Force recruiter that I'm planning on applying to the others. Is the Air Force recruiter correct? He told me that they don't want to put in all the work in getting my application through just for me to possibly choose another branch. I told him I understood his point of view and explained that I don't want to limit my opportunities by only applying to one branch without any guarantee that I'd be accepted. He quite frankly put me off with his attitude, which I guess I shouldn't make any judgments without doing further research into the Air Force...but I do not agree with his elites (better than you) attitude. He is frankly just doing his job and as an O6 is about to retire so....I don't comprehend the pressure to do a none-competitive agreement for the least amount of spots.....kinda odd.

Anyhow, Anyone with experience applying to the HPSP know if it's possible to apply to all three branches? Does the Air Force truly have a policy that they'll only move forward with an application if I'm only applying Air Force? Has anyone done more than 1 HPSP application and gotten rejected by one and accepted by another and therefore felt grateful that they diversified their options?

Also, when are boards for USAF, NAVY AND ARMY for 2023?

Thanks! I've had 3 interviews so far...hoping for more. 🤞

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1. Find a different AF recruiter
2. Don’t say a word about the Navy and Army
3. Do your physical at MEPS through AF.
4. Navy and Army can use that physical for their paperwork.
That’s all.