1. cCypheN

    Volunteer ideas to show commitment to the underserved

    Hello, I was wondering what the common volunteer positions are that show medical schools that we have some sort of experience/commitment in serving the underserved. I am looking to get involved in a couple volunteer areas next semester and I am having trouble trying to find one that I can...
  2. T

    Other OT-Related Information Med School BF looking for Christmas Gift for OT GF

    Hello, My girlfriend has completed fieldwork and will start her career soon as an occupational therapist. For us, when going on rotations or starting residency, there are certain things (equipment, pocket guides, etc) that other recommend getting when you start. Are there some things that an...
  3. Herod

    schizophrenia at cat

    ...Sorry , if my English is not completelly correct . My native language is another ... I saw a humans , that have illness in schizophrenia . This my expirience make have suspicion , that all or almost all kitten , that was in agressive conditions of City , is ill with schizophrenia . All...