1. G

    H1b, immigration and salary for foreign-trained dentists after DDS/DMD?

    I have worked for more than 5 yrs as a general dentist in India and worked extensively in prosthodontics, endodontics, and radiographic reporting of CBCT scans. I have a Masters's in Health Services Administration (MHSA) from the University of Michigan (2018). Since I didn't get a job during my...
  2. C

    IMG planning to move to canada, Interested in Surgery Post-graduation.

    Hello, I'm an IMG, planning for canadian immigration in 2019. Currently in South Asia. Interested in Surgery post graduation (preferably in Orthopedics/ Urology/ Plastics). Can someone please guide me as to what route i have to take and what exams are necessary for me? I'm a 2016 graduate.
  3. S

    Immigration to Canada for Dentists

    Hi all, I don't have enough points for Canadian Express entry. Can you please share any information you have regarding alternative paths to immigrate to Canada? Is there a way to get a job offer without clearing NDEB? Please share your experience.
  4. P

    Canadian Pharmacist US PharmD - Moving to US

    Hi, Does anyone know what the best steps are to take: I am a Canadian Pharmacist (BSc Pharm) . I graduated with a PharmD from Colorado. I would like to work in the states as a Pharmacist. I have a job offer. I don't have my SSN, and therefore could not yet apply to write my NAPLEX exam...
  5. S

    Canadian citizen, US Med Grad, on OPT, in US residency - H1b Question

    Like title states, I am an Canadian who went to a US medical school and got into a US residency. Currently in my Intern year on my OPT (from F-1 visa). I just finished my Step 3, and is looking into applying for H1b (my residency does do H1). Issue is, my state only give out 1 year temporary...
  6. C

    Some general questions about pursuing medicine in NZ

    Hi there! I am a US citizen married to an NZ citizen who is currently doing his own PhD here in the US. I've been thinking about pursuing medicine for a while and have made some steps down that path: I finished my undergrad degree in philosophy in 2013, now work as a research assistant in a...
  7. SirCourageWolf

    Deportation Case Count On Background Check?

    Good evening, Combed through for a similar case but have been unable to find one so please pardon me. I'm applying in the spring and understand that it is possible to be asked regarding any criminal record on secondaries (and the AMCAS app itself). As an undocumented immigrant (infant with...
  8. X

    DACA (??) and dental school - immigration - applying to dental school

  9. S

    International Medical Graduate Anatomical Pathology

    Dear All I am a medical student in South Africa and am interested in pursuing Anatomical Pathology as a career. 1. Does a non-clinical profession (such as anat path) have a better chance of entering the USA than a clinical or surgical profession? 2. Would it be an easier process to enter and...