improve cars score

  1. joe7456

    Score plateau- please help

    I am very discouraged. I've been doing TBR for majority of my content and practice passages and taking NS full lengths. I have a feeling I am reinforcing repititive habits and not learning how to think critically, or maybe I am lacking knowledge/content. In the order taken and within a 2 month...
  2. O

    CARS issue, any advice?

    Hey SDN, I am a pre-medical student who has written the MCAT twice. I scored a 510 in my first exam (130,123***,129,128), and I was devastated by my CARS score. Going into the exam, I was struggling with verbal reasoning, and to be honest, I didn't allot enough time towards practice and...
  3. L

    January 2016 MCAT during cycle as an update?

  4. Austinthepremed

    Improvement from diagnostic 2015 MCAT?

    I am considering the review courses for the 2015 MCAT and I was wondering how much you all improved from the diagnostic or your first practice test? (Now that you have the real scores back.) I am considering the Kaplan "advanced" course but I want to know that I'll improve substantially...