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Sep 4, 2006
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I know many schools say they don't accept MCATs later than September; however, is it possible for me to take the Jan 22 MCAT (receive my scores Feb 23) and send this to schools in an update letter?

Would schools that say they don't accept them later than September simply throw my letter away and not EVEN CONSIDER them if there was a large improvement?
There is no one adcomm member that can give you a broad overview of all MD schools' policies in this respect. Did you look through the MSAR to see if any of your schools consider a January MCAT score? Last time I looked, which was not this cycle, there was only one. And I have only heard of one other that unofficially admits they would consider a late score (again, in a past cycle). This represents an n=1 anecdotal experience, which is of zero value to you. Your best bet is to call each of your schools and ask, but it's difficult for me to believe that schools are likely to go against a stated policy.
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