1. 1

    University of Indianapolis Class of 2022!

    I figured I would start a thread for the incoming class. Has anyone been accepted yet?
  2. I

    University of Indianapolis

    Hey guys, I have an interview with the University of Indianapolis on Friday. I was wondering if you guys could tell me what the interview is like. Also how many people are offered an interview and how many of those students are accepted?
  3. L

    University of Indianapolis

    Hey everyone, I applied to UIndy and received an email today stating: "Although faculty were impressed with your materials, a limited number of interview opportunities exist and we are unable to extend you an offer at this time. You are currently being placed on a waitlist for consideration...
  4. P

    PsyD - Widener vs University of Indianapolis (help me decide)

    I´ve been accepted to University of Indianapolis, Widener University, and University of Indiana at Pennsylvania (IUP) PsyD programs. I think I´ve narrowed down to deciding between UIndy and Widener. Does anyone have some insight you´d be willing to share, whether or not you are a current...
  5. singasongofjoy

    Indianapolis 2br duplex avail Sept 1, $900

    I'll be leaving my 2br/1ba duplex on Sept 1 and am frankly very sad to leave. Currently pay 900 which includes water, and I split internet with my neighbor for $20/month. Quiet neighborhood, 10-15 min. drive to IU/ IUPUI depending on traffic. Pets OK (we have indoor/outdoor cats). Wood floors...
  6. B

    University of Indianapolis interview

    I have an interview with Indianapolis coming up soon, and wanted to know if anyone has any insight on the their style of interviewing. Are they laid back or do they drill you? Do they ask a lot of ethical questions? Any help is much appreciated!
  7. F

    U of Pittsburgh, U of Indianapolis

    For those who have applied to either University of Indianapolis or University of Pittsburgh, did you guys get a confirmation e-mail saying they received your application or that its under review? I submitted to 4 schools, got e-mails from 2 schools saying they received my PTCAS app/supplements...