instate tuition

  1. A

    Not in-state anywhere

    My parents recently moved from New York to a different state while I was in college and said state requires one to have lived there for many years to be considered in-state at medical schools. I am, however, taking a gap year before starting medical school. If I declare myself financially...
  2. S

    Loyola Stritch vs UW Madison

    Loyola Pros Went there for a Master's of Medical Physiology program so I know the school and feel really comfortable there Would be able to live in Chicago, where I've lived for 3 years and have a solid support system, I also have a serious long term relationship here (I'm 25, my boyfriend is...
  3. H

    How many Audiology Schools should I apply to?

    Hi there! I am applying to the only 3 audiology schools in my state. I want to hopefully pay in state tuition. Should I apply to a few more out of state just to look more competitive/ make my chances greater? How many is TOO many and how many is NOT ENOUGH? THANK YOU!!!!
  4. ccrain24

    Move before or after medical school? I need some advice, preferably from experience.

    I want to move to Washington (state) for personal reasons after I graduate. (girlfriend wants me to move with her, her family is moving so she does not have a choice. It's a very serious relationship, the second serious relationship for me.) Should I move to Washington first to qualify for...