international sctudent

  1. futuregirlmed

    Non-US Citizen: Try to match as IMG or try to get into a US/Can school?

    Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right place? If not, I apologize. I'm a non-us citizen currently studying in Europe, I should probably point out that I'm also a non-EU citizen. I really want to be a doctor, I can't imagine doing anything else. Should I: -Go to a European med school...
  2. T

    Issues regarding CPT and volunteering

    Hey, international student here. Do all international pre-med students need CPT just to volunteer in a hospital off-campus? I talked to my school's international students' office a few weeks ago and all they told me was that CPT was unnecessary if I plan to volunteer strictly as community...
  3. C

    International Student Here

    Hi everyone, I an international student(not Canadian) graduated from State US University (GPA 3.93 both for science and cumulative) with double major in Biomedical Sciences and Psychology. I just received my MCAT score which is: Total 507 ( P/C 130, Cars 123, B/B 126, P/S 128). I also took...