interventional cardiology

  1. Cards_2016_2017

    Interventional Cardiology - 2020-2021 Thread

    Hello all, It's that time of the year again. Interventional cardiology fellowship applications are in, and hopefully there are interviews trickling in. Please let's start a new thread and keep this friendly and respectful. Looking forward to a healthy interaction. Please post your calls...
  2. L

    What should I do?

    I am currently an interventional cardiology fellow at a semi-private hospital where I am concerned that my job as a trainee is mainly reduced to secretarial work without much emphasis on building the actual procedural skills. Currently I am required to do all the paper works for each patient...
  3. J

    How much endovascular training do Integrated CT Surgery residents actually get?

    A lot of the I6 programs seem to be marketing themselves as aiming to train cardiothoracic surgeons who are competent in both surgical and catheter-based skills. I'm wondering how much the residents actually get to do on their rotations with interventional cards, IR, and vascular surgery - are...
  4. Sherine

    interventional cardiology fellowships in europe .

    hello fellow doctors , can anyone guide me to an interventional cardiology center/hospitals in europe that offers interventional cardiology fellowships for non EU physicians . Thanks in advance ,
  5. M

    Intervention cardiology 2018 - LoR and CV question

    I am applying to interventional cardiology fellowship this year. 2 silly questions: - My cath lab attending wants me to write my own letter. Any guidance on how exactly to do that? I have never had to write one for myself before. Not quite sure how detailed/bashful/laudatory this should be -...
  6. jaymafia90

    advice part 2

    advice on being an interventional cardiologist and how it was like for you getting there and how it was like for you after reaching that goal, anyone on that path or have been on that path please answer.
  7. jaymafia90

    Interventional Cardiology!!

    Medical School - 4 years. Internal Medicine Residency - 3 years. Cardiology Fellowship - 3 years. Interventional sub-Fellowship I was just wondering if i can do Internal medicine residency or cardiology fellowship while i'm a undergraduate student or while i'm in med school, or is it forbidden ?
  8. H

    What makes a good interventional program?

    Applying for interventional now. What makes a program good? I have the opportunity to stay at my program, which is a smaller hospital with a decent but not great reputation. We get good autonomy, often stay in the lab until 8 to 10pm, and over 950 to 1000 PCI and 180 to 200 peripheral...