interview day

  1. R

    Yield Protection Post-Interview

    I'm an LM~70 applicant, high MCAT, research heavy, and will be interviewing at LECOM in the fall. I see LECOM has an average GPA and MCAT of 3.2 and 503 (LM 59). I like the school for its PBL curriculum, I hope to stay in the region, and they even have a little research that touches on mine...
  2. epsoftball9

    General Admissions & OTCAS Interview help/tips!

    Hello, I have been selected for another interview and I am stressed out trying to prepare for it (I have 3 weeks still). I interviewed at west coast university and felt like it went alright, but I know I am capable of better. I am very charismatic in interviews and am 110% comfortable talking...
  3. G

    Celiac disease -- affects on interview day

    Hello, this is a very strange question, but can anyone tell me if asking for certain dietary requests will annoy admissions? I have celiac disease and need to request an appropriate meal. In my email in doing so should I offer to bring my own meal? I hate having to tell people this especially...
  4. S

    Case Western Reserve Interview Day Rooming

    Hey anyone has an interview at the Case Western on August 22nd to 23rd and want to split the rooming fee? I have a room at Courtyard Marriot Cleveland University Circle, two queen beds. This, I believe, is the closest location from the Dental School and its only 4 minutes (.2 miles) away from...
  5. CareerNumTwo

    How do interviews work?

    For those of you who have already endured/enjoyed the interview experience... Can you indulge my neurotic desire to plan every detail of my life a year+ in advance? thanks! :) 1) Do the schools give you a couple dates to choose from or do they only offer one date? 2) Are the interviews...
  6. R

    LIU DPT Interview

    does anyone have any feedback on the Long Island University Brooklyn DPT Interview process..any information would help!!
  7. S

    Idaho State university class 2016 Applicants

    Graduating class of 2020 ( Pham D) Has anyone got an interview coming up
  8. D

    Free (Giving away) Ebook: Successful Interviewing

    The admissions interview is a vital portion of your medical school application. This book can help. Frequently asked interview questions Tips and secrets to make a positive impression Proven techniques for medical school admission Order Now! Limited time: Get it for FREE
  9. M

    Thank you notes to admissions committee members at my chalk talk?

    I had an MD/PhD interview where I gave a chalk talk before the members of the graduate school admissions committee. I am writing thank you notes now and wondering how I handle the committee members. I know the letters all have to be different, and was thinking I would write a note mentioning a...
  10. B

    Past PsyD/PhD Students: When did interview offers sent?

    Hello! I'm applying to PhD/PsyD programs for Clinical Psych at a bunch of schools in the Chicago/Florida/New York area. I was wondering when everyone got their offer for INTERVIEWS