interview feedback

  1. S

    I Accidentally Lied in my Interview

    I was asked which schools I’ve applied to, other than theirs. I always forget two schools of the seven I’ve applied to, because they were last minute and unfortunately, I’m not passionate about them. Would this ruin my chances of getting into this school?
  2. B_52

    Post Interview Anxiety Syndrome

    Can we just take a moment to engage in some group therapy over the absolute mindf$%# that is the weeks/months long period between interviewing for a medical school spot and getting an actual answer. Maybe take some donations to set up a hotline, get it included in the next copy of the DSM. I'm...
  3. Dr_Jan_Itor

    Just interviewed, nervous about my answer to volunteering.

    Hello, I have just finished an interview for a medical school. It was a fairly informal interview which consisted of an approximately 30 minute discussion between myself and two admissions respresentatives. I fear that my answer involving their questions about my lack of interviewing was not...
  4. S

    Idaho State university class 2016 Applicants

    Graduating class of 2020 ( Pham D) Has anyone got an interview coming up