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  1. ApplyPoint

    The Med School’s MMI Interview: Teamwork Activities

    Medicine is a team sport. To gauge your collaboration skills, some schools will assess you in teamwork activities that you complete with another applicant. The pair of you might be asked to create an action plan together or one of you may act as an instructor and the other as a doer. (And then...
  2. ApplyPoint

    Application Tips with Apply Point: Moral & Ethical Situation Practice Prompts

    You've now reviewed our last two posts on how to answer Moral & Ethical Situation Prompts. Here are some prompts to put what you've read into practice. Don't forget to verbalize: What information is missing? What assumptions are you making? How do you work through the situation? You’re a...
  3. ApplyPoint

    Application Tips with Apply Point: Moral & Ethical Situations

    There are times when your personal beliefs may conflict with your ability to provide a legal medical procedure, such as abortion or physician-assisted death. So, what then? You can be a conscientious objector. But that doesn’t preclude you from providing your patient with information on a doctor...
  4. ApplyPoint

    Anatomy of an MMI Response: Moral & Ethical Situations

    In an MMI interview, the Moral & Ethical Situation prompts are the ones that terrify applicants. They feel so high stakes. For example: Decide which of these two patients gets an organ transplant. Geez Louise. Many MMI questions—especially the ones about morals and ethics—may omit details you...
  5. ApplyPoint

    Biden Administration Works to Improve Nutrition and Health Education in Medical School Curriculums

    Despite the prevalence of obesity and related diseases, including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, and stroke in the US, there is little training on nutrition in American medical schools. Dr. Stephen Devries, a cardiologist and co-lead of the Nutrition Education Working...
  6. ApplyPoint

    The Medical School Interview: Preparing for the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

    Many medical schools, including those at Duke, NYU, University of Massachusetts, and Rutgers, are using the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) to evaluate applicants. This is because it is an effective way to evaluate an applicant’s ability to process a complex scenario or issue under pressure and...
  7. ApplyPoint

    The Medical School Interview: Preparing for the Traditional One-on-One Interview

    Begin preparing for your interview by thinking through your most meaningful experiences that will help demonstrate your skills and abilities in the areas of critical and creative thinking, problem solving, leadership, teamwork, and empathy, as well as those that reinforced your commitment to the...
  8. MasterTheMMI

    MMI Interview Prep and MMI Coaching from a Resident Physician-$75/hour

    I am currently a third year resident physician with extensive experience in MMI interviews, MMI question development and MMI Coaching. I remember how stressful medical school and CARMS interviews can be, so I wanted to create a coaching service that can help you excel in your interview and...
  9. LindaAccepted

    Medical Practicing for Your Med School Interview: Conversation 101

    Most applicants come away from their first med school interview saying, “that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” As in many areas of life, the anticipation of a stressful event can be worse than the event itself. Although many med schools work hard to make applicants feels relaxed, this...
  10. LindaAccepted

    Medical Final Med School Interviews Are Coming Up! Are You Ready?

    Your primary app is submitted and your secondaries are in. Each step in the application process is bringing you closer to your goal of med school acceptance and the next phase of your training as you prepare to become a physician. The next step? The med school interview. And it’s happening...
  11. D

    Late in cycle Interview/MMI buddies? :)

    Hi, was wondering if anyone wanted to practicing interviewing each other through zoom/google hangouts or something. Sorry if this is totally weird, but I would love to practice with strangers since I'm too comfortable with friend interviewers. I'm afraid that my performance during my past...
  12. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Ace the MMI

    If you’ve been invited for an interview at a med school that uses the MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) method, you may have some questions: Why did they choose this format? What will your interview be like? How can you prepare effectively? It’s natural to feel anxious about a med school interview...
  13. LindaAccepted

    Medical Introducing the MMI (Multiple Mini Interview)

    In 2004, Canada’s McMaster University published a study that examined how the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) method can be used to more accurately assess candidates for medical school admission. The study found that the traditional interview format was not a reliable admissions tool because too...
  14. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Prepare for a PA School Interview

    Physician Assistant program interviews are similar to medical school interviews. There are three possible interview formats: traditional, MMI (multiple mini interview) or a hybrid of these two. Traditional interviews involve anywhere from one to three people interviewing one to three students...
  15. I

    Looking for people to practice for interviews with (via Skype)

    Hi, I am looking for someone I can practice for med school interviews with over Skype. I have a panel-style interview this month. Although I have practiced with my peers, I think it would be helpful to get extra practice and a fresh perspective from a stranger.
  16. inGenius Prep

    Medical The 3 Main Phases of the Medical School Application Process

    It’s no secret that the medical school application process is a long and difficult road. Applying to medical school can take from nine months, up to a year! So when should you begin? How does the process work? To start off SDN’s Admissions Prep week, here’s an outline of the 3 main phases of...
  17. A

    Med School App/Interview Prep Help

    Need Help with Your Med School Application? Schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with a Harvard Medical Student today! I am a fourth year at Harvard Medical School and recently matched into Ophthalmology at the Harvard-affiliated Mass Eye and Ear residency program. I graduated magna cum...
  18. S

    Interview Prep Videos

    I've been reading all the helpful interview-related threads on here, but was wondering if there are any good YouTube videos out there on this. I remember seeing a similar thread that compiled links to adcom presentations a while ago. Thanks!
  19. White Coat Admissions

    Affordable Medical School Admissions Consulting

    We're very excited to announce the launch of White Coat Admissions Strategists, a new medical school admissions consulting company. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support through each step of the application process at affordable prices. Our organization was founded by three Johns...
  20. inGenius Prep

    Medical 3 Common interview questions - and how to answer them

    3 Key interview questions and how to answer them: 1. "Tell me about yourself." The most open ended of questions and often the first question. Although this question can seem intimidating it is actually an opportunity. This is the chance for your to structure the interview and present your...
  21. OnStrings

    Tips to prepare for MMI's?

    What are some good tips to prepare for MMI interviews? All I can really think of is reading through sample questions and formulating answers, and practicing aloud, but how do I know if my answers are 'correct?' Are there resources available that detail recommended answers to questions that have...