1. LindaAccepted

    Medical How Can Introverts (And Anyone Else) Do Well on the MMI?

    The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) was designed at McMaster University in Canada to better evaluate an applicant’s interpersonal skills and predict performance in medical school. Like all other interviewers, MMI interviewers are looking for problem solving, communications skills, and the ability...
  2. SuzyQMD

    Hopes and Fears

    Hi everyone - I am new to the whole forum thing and thought I would try to push through some of my own self-consciousness by posting a thread. Anyone else new out there? Just a question to get a conversation started: What is your number one hope as a premed and what is your number one fear...
  3. Piglet2020

    Introvert vs Extrovert Interviewing/Med students

    During interviews, I know that we should be engaging with medical school admins and students, but I was wondering how much you can really "fake it till you make it"? I'm an introvert (prefer listening to people rather than dominating the conversation). I don't have trouble conversing or meeting...
  4. I

    A cliche header, but is dentistry the right career for me specifically?

    A short intro. I'm 22 my gpa is a bit over 3.6 (overall and science) and I have no red flags in terms of grades and whatnot. My DAT scores are fairly good (22 TS, 22AA). But the real issue here is my personality. I've been looked down on pretty much my entire life as the strange little...