1. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Stanbridge MSOT 2022

    Hi all! I just wanted to hear from others who have applied/ are considering attending Stanbridge MSOT in Irvine!
  2. J

    USC Keck vs. UCI

    I am really torn... I don't strongly prefer one over the other (hence the sparse list) so your thoughts and perspectives are extremely appreciated. USC Keck Pros More robust clinical experience/students are more prepared(?) bc of LAC+USC hospital Bigger network, USC connections and all that...
  3. doctor_october

    UC Irvine Psychiatry

    I’m a new resident at UC Irvine and I wanted to share how great it is to the incoming class! Location: Beautiful Orange County Many residents live by the beach with comfortable housing options near UCI Medical Center Close in vicinity to Disneyland, Anaheim Stadium, and other fun attractions...
  4. F

    MCAT prep in Irvine, CA

    What is the best MCAT prep course for the new 2015 MCAT in the Irvine, California area? I've heard great things about The Berkeley Review, but it seems that it's not as developed as The Princeton Review or Kaplan. If you have taken a new MCAT prep course in the Irvine area, which is generally...
  5. D

    Best MCAT prep Orange County

    What is the best in-class MCAT review course in the Orange County/UCI area? All of the reviews I have seen are out-dated and I want to know in reference to the new MCAT. Princeton Review or Berkeley Review or Kaplan or other?