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Aug 10, 2017
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I’m a new resident at UC Irvine and I wanted to share how great it is to the incoming class!

  • Beautiful Orange County
    • Many residents live by the beach with comfortable housing options near UCI Medical Center
    • Close in vicinity to Disneyland, Anaheim Stadium, and other fun attractions
  • Lower cost of living, relative to Los Angeles and San Francisco
  • Racially, socioeconomically and medically diverse population at UCI Medical Center, Long Beach VA and Long Beach Memorial Hospital. Electives at private practices and community sites.
  • Personable, knowledgeable and approachable faculty -- one of the greatest strengths of UC Irvine
  • Traditional lectures on psychopharmacology, psychotherapy and so on, in addition to practical lectures on private practice finances, advanced EMR training and so on.
  • Residents rotate through child units and forensic rotations, and are exposed to the fellows on these respective rotations
    • PGY-1’s can opt to rotate through peds inpatient wards
  • ISTDP training with the renowned, Dr. Douglas Kahn
  • Multiple psychiatric clinics throughout the VA and UCI Medical Center, making the third and fourth year of residency interesting and unique
  • Medical students throughout the rotations, giving many opportunities to teach and mentor
Salary & Benefits:
  • Annual housing stipend of $2,900
  • Annual educational fund and licensing fund of $1,000, each
  • Full medical coverage for you and your family
Call Schedule:
  • Flexible, and forgiving, call schedule
  • Recent shift towards a buddy system: 12-hour calls are now shared, making the workload more tolerable
  • Combination of weekday short call, weekend 12-hour shifts, and night float system
Organized Psychiatry:
  • Residents, alumni and faculty are heavily involved in organized psychiatry including APA, CPA and OCPS
    • Dr. Rao, former president of ACAP
    • Dr. McCarron, president elect of CPA
    • One of our chiefs is the APA Area 6 Resident Representative
    • Multiple faculty on the board of OCPS and attend meetings regularly
  • Residents encouraged to use educational days to attend local, state, and national meetings
Moonlighting & Job Prospects:
  • Plentiful job opportunities at UC Irvine, VA, county and private practices, given that UCI is the only academic institution in Orange County
  • Numerous moonlighting opportunities at community sites around Orange County and South Los Angeles
    • Residents eligible to moonlight beginning PGY-2 Year
    • Although there is no in-house moonlighting, residents have no problem finding moonlighting opportunities
Home & Resident Life:
  • Family friendly!
    • Irvine has some of America’s best schools and is amongst its safest cities
  • Flexible scheduling of up to 20 days of vacation
  • Access to discounted faculty housing
  • Mid-size program with friendly, collegial residents
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