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    Rome Sapienza vs Bologna Medical School

  2. D

    International Practice Rights?

    Pod student here. I understand that DPM is an American degree with no guarantee of practice rights abroad (heck, there's no guarantee of practice rights state-to-state), but I would be very interested in working in Southern Europe seasonally if not full time. Does anyone have experience with...
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    Elective in Italy

    Hi, are there any Italian students here with elective advice? I'm planning on going to Italy at the end of the year for holiday and I thought it would be nice to try get an elective in around then. I've tried going through the international med students association but their clerkships are...
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    Where to study? (Hungary, Italy, USA, Canada)

    Hey, So I'm a junior in high school and I want to study med. My counsellor told me that it's practically impossible to pass the MCAT in USA and Canada as a foreign student if you're not some kind of a genius. They told me that Hungary was beneath my level and Italy would take some hard work but...
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    Italy MedSchool Admission Suggestion and Help

    Hello everyone, I am a high school graduate from Turkey. This year, I will apply to one of the medicine courses in English in one of the Italian Universities. (I will take IMAT) Do you think those med-schools in Italy are considered to be good and have a good reputation in Europe? I am...
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    Taking IMAT

    I am planning to take IMAT test in order to get to Sapienza de Roma, what are some recommended practicing books for the test.
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    Going to Sapienza de Roma medical school!

    Hi, I'm currently in college in US, I'm planning to go to Sapienza di Roma medical school(English program). 1) can I start working in hospitals after receiving "doctor and surgery degree" or like US I need to do something like residency in order to be able to properly start working? 2) If I...
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    Validation and Accreditation in the US

    Good evening, I'm new here to the threads and I am looking for some information for my cousins to become accredited in the United States (Florida). They both have a clinic together and have been practicing for 5 years now. The first one is a Dental Technician and creates dentures, retainers...
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    US MD Student that wants to live in Italy

    My friend is in an US MD school. He wants to live in Italy for his life. He was wondering what the possibility of that is? He is wondering if he can do a residency in Italy when he graduates his US MD program, and thus become an Italian doctor. Or if he can do his residency in the US, and then...