j-1 visa

  1. P

    Any Pre-Doctoral Internships Starting in January 2022 in Canada?

    Hello All, First time posting. I was accepted via APPIC post-match to an internship in the States as a Canadian student. My school's liaison for connecting visa says they have to get clearance from State Department. The clearance hasn't come yet in order to process my paperwork. My internship...
  2. K

    J-1 ECFMG Visa Question (Please Help!!)

    Hello, I'm a third year US medical student originally from Hong Kong. I am looking to obtain a 'Statement of need' from the Hong Kong Department of Health, in order to apply for a J-1 visa sponsored by ECFMG. I have a year to figure this out since I'm still third year, but I would like to find...
  3. F

    J-1 visa waiver

    Hi SDN, I used to frequent these forms as a medical student. I am now nearing the end of my residency in Family Medicine. I am Canadian, on a J-1 visa. I have been with an American girl for 4 years now. We are thinking to get married but I would need a J-1 visa waiver job in order to remain in...
  4. bbatasari

    J-1 Visa (Conrad 30 )Waiver Jobs for International Dentists and Dental Specialists

    Hi I am a Foreign trained dentist from India. I have been offered an internship program in Orthodontics, which the school wants me to do on J-1 visa. After attending the visa interview, I was told that I am subject to a 2 year home country residency requirement before I can apply for a H-1B...
  5. C

    J1 visa - International student doing PhD - postdoc / licensure

    Hi all, I am an international student doing my Clin Psych PhD and about to start internship - I have a couple of questions regarding visas for postdocs and licensing - currently on a J1 and trying to figure out whether I am better off switching to an F1 or not. My internship will allow me to...
  6. D

    VISA options/Path to Green Card During Residency for Int'l (F-1) student U.S. medical graduate

    Hi Everyone, Background: I am a fourth year (International) medical student in NY on a F-1 visa, about to graduate and start residency in the U.S. I am originally from West Africa and did my undergraduate in the U.S as well. I worked for a few years on OPT and a H-1B visa between undergrad and...
  7. Admiral Charly McPie

    Foreigner for veterinary Internship on Guam (who did it before?)

    Hi, I am a veterinary student in my final year at university and I got the rare chance to do an internship at a vet clinic on Guam. But I am from Germany, so I will have to obtain a so-called J-1 visa in order to ever set a foot on US-territory and start my internship. Everything is sorted out...
  8. D

    J-1 waiver and fellowship

    Hi all, I am considering doing an EMS fellowship that while ACMGE-regulated would require me to work as a part-time attending. The hospital system offering this position came up with the idea that they would petition for a J-1 waiver and I would spend the first year of the waiver in the...