1. Stoppingtheworld

    2019 Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP)

    Hello everyone, I wanted to create this thread for the 2019 JAMP applicants to talk about their stats, results, and provide overall support while we wait for the committee to make decisions. Feel free to hop in! Also, current JAMPers' advice and wisdom are greatly appreciated too!
  2. Falling Up

    A Unique Med School Interview : JAMP | Bring Resume?

    Hi! I have a JAMP interview coming up very soon and I'm not completely sure what to expect, or how to approach it since the interview is not to get into a specific med school. In preparing for the interview, I realized there won't be any questions geared to any med school in specific. So...
  3. D

    Any tips to get into the JAMP program.

    I will soon be applying to the JAMP program. Does anyone have tips on how to stand out and increase my chances of getting accepted? Thank you.
  4. S

    JAMP: Positives and negatives? Feedback on the program?

    For current/past JAMP students: -What do you like about the program? -What do you regret? (or don't like?) -Do you think the program is worth doing? -Out of curiosity, what is the medical school scholarship amount? -During what part of the summer do the internships take place? (early, mid...