1. S

    PCAT KAPLAN review book

    Hi everyone, I’m taking my PCAT in January and I’m only using the KAPLAN (2016-2017) review book. I’ve been reading around the threats and most used dr.collins. Can someone please tell me if I should switch to dr.collins or the kaplan book would be good enough to refresh my knowledge and...
  2. L

    Free Kaplan Prep Courses & Study Guides

    Interested in enrolling in a Kaplan MCAT test prep course? Find out our methods of teaching by enrolling in FREE classes through October. Get to know our instructors, learn a little, and get started on the MCAT early! All classes are FREE, online, and non-committal. Reserve your seat or even...
  3. S

    DAT in one week! Kaplan full length vs. actual

    Hi everyone! Because I had taken all/a lot of the sections on DAT Bootcamp, I decided to try taking a full length from a different source. I just took Kaplans full length test 3 and score VERY BADLY (AA18) and am freaking out as my DAT is next Monday (7/23). This is my retake as I took the DAT...
  4. B

    Should I be worried about my Kaplan Full Length 3 score?

    Hey guys, Taking the exam on September 9th. The goal is a 506+. I took Kaplan full length 3, and scored a 505: 125/127/127/126. I usually do well on the B/B section and the P/S section (130 on AAMC scored)...but Kaplan's P/S section was so weird! I usually get a 126 on C/P (got a 126 on the...
  5. NerdyParsley

    OAT Questions (T-6 Days!)

    Hey all! I'm going to be taking my OATs in about a week or so, and I am SUPER nervous about the Physics section. I took a Kaplan course and I keep getting around 300's on my practice tests, and it doesn't seem to be improving. Overall I am getting an TS 310 AA 320. Does anyone have any...