1. G

    KCU vs UNE

    Hey guys, I'm deciding between these two schools and I'd love your thoughts. KCUMB KC campus pros: high board score averages- potentially due to the famous rigorous academics here at KCU one of the first osteopathic medical schools-great reputation has one of the best military track programs...
  2. DrRedstone

    KCU-Joplin Class of 2021

    Rather than be stuck in the KCU-KC thread, I figured it would be nice to have a thread of our own. Anyone else excited for July?
  3. bookworm_92

    Wondering the reason for my post interview rejection at KCUMB :(

    Hey Y'all, I'm a Texas resident who applied to all Texas Schools and about 9 DO schools. I knew I wasn't a competitive applicant for MD schools but I thought I had stats decent enough to get me into DO schools. Well I got secondaries from all DO schools and I got invited for interviews to one...
  4. Zembaphobia

    Does KCUMB screen their primaries or something?

    I've applied to 19 medical schools, and I got 18 secondaries back really fast. KCUMB, however, has not sent me a secondary application. Any idea what's up? I admittedly did not send my application for KCUMB until last week, but the other applications came in almost immediately after I was verified.