1. I


    Hi guys, I’ve been accepted at KYCOM and WCU COM and only have a couple days to make a decision. I’m hoping to hear from students at either place who can be honest about the pros and cons based on their experience (especially recently since most threads I’ve read about these schools are pretty...
  2. marlanagt


    I’m favoring Rowan and UNE over KYCOM. So mostly hoping for insight between Rowan and UNE. My understanding is that they are both good programs. One pro about UNE it is in New England which is where I would like to do residency. One pro about Rowan is that I would have free housing. I am an...
  3. F


    After three years of applying, I didn't think I would be having to choose from my acceptances, so not a bad problem to have, but I was hoping to gain some insight from you guys about the hardest, most life-altering decision of my life. I have made a pros and cons list for both schools: ARCOM...
  4. M

    What school should I accept an offer to?

    I'm feeling extremely confused about what school to accept an offer to. Marian University vs KYCOM. I'm from Indiana but did my undergrad far away. I think being close to home would be of benefit but is not a huge factor. I also don't mind a small, rural setting and I like being outdoors...
  5. TentativelyHopeful

    Insights choosing a school?

    Hi everyone, As the first of my deadlines are approaching, I would just like to get some feedback on some schools. I got accepted to LUCOM, WVSOM, CUSOM, LMU-DCOM, KYCOM, MUCOM, AND RVUCOM. I still have an interview at KCU and PNWU-COM, but I don't think I can afford the plane tickets to fly...
  6. C


    Hello all! I've gotten accepted to both KYCOM and NSUCOM. While I've been doing a lot of research about both schools, I feel like I need a little bit more help deciding where to go. My hang up is the rotation sites and getting the residency of my choice. I am not sure what area I'd like to go...
  7. D


    A little help please ... I've been accepted at both schools, but I'm required to make a decision within 2 days. I don't know which to choose yet, so I need your help. I enjoyed my visit to both schools. And both have their ups and downs. One has huge potential, but is unproven. And the...