1. M

    Good resource for online medical school lectures? Lecturio? Kaplan?

    Hi guys, I currently attend a Canadian medical school that has little to no lectures. Is there a way to still be able to get a traditional medical education with online lectures? I don't mind paying for the resources but wanted good quality lectures that go in depth. I am doing this for my own...
  2. M

    Advertisement eBooksme.com (eBooks and Videos Library)

    Hi http://ebooksme.com Website Selling Medical eBooks and Medical CME Videos all specialties at 5-20% of their original prices in official websites and other stores, contact me here in the forum if you are interested or need detailed info. Examples: KAPLAN USMLE Video Lectures (Live...
  3. E

    looking to create videos/audio lectures. Want topics..

    Hey guys, I am a practicing, ABEM boarded, Emergency physician. I am interested in creating audio and or video lectures on needed med school, board prep, and/or residency topics. I would like suggestions from everyone on what they feel are needed topics to cover. Also, if this is something...
  4. WhereMyLiberalsAt

    Recorded Lectures...

  5. Polycherry

    Lectures in med school - whiteboards or ppts?

    I'm from India and at our place, lectures are the main stay of teaching. Although sometimes we have smaller groups, problem based learning, case discussions and practicals. Lectures form a major chunk of it and unlike the rest I just mentioned, are highly monotonous, one sided and sleep...
  6. doc4kids93

    Does anyone have non-traditional way of taking notes?

    How do you take notes? My note taking has evolved over the years based on classes. My freshman year, I would use the traditional notebook and paper, but I found that I write too slow, so I started using a computer to type. My sophmore year, I would use a camera to record my physics lecture (with...
  7. D

    Re: In-House Exam Review and Lecture Recording

    Hello fellow United States medical students! I am a second year class officer at a US MD-granting school and we have a few ancient policies that I am working hard to try and update for future classes as they pass through their basic science years and prepare optimally for Step 1. I need some...