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  1. BlueBee20

    boards resources - ovewhelmed

    hello all - looking for advice! i've just begun second year and all anyone talks about anymore is BOARDS. please help me decide what to throw my cash at as far as resources go! i understand UFAPS is where it's at. i will be getting UWORLD 6 months, i have first aid, i plan to get sketchy, and...
  2. Espressso

    Practice tests during dedicated

    How often should one be taking practice exams (NBMEs and COMSAEs)? One/week? Two/week? Our dedicated is about 7 weeks. With some mandatory events here and there. I'd like to get through all the NBMEs, UWSAs, and COMSAEs, but that's a lot of practice tests. I'm taking both Step and Level 1...
  3. btolsen5

    COMBANK level 1 practice test

    Has anybody else taken the new CB level 1 practice test yet? If so, how did you score, how did you feel about the questions? I scored 580, but I felt like many of the topics were either poorly written about, or really obscure! Reviewing the questions I've googled many of the questions because I...
  4. samac

    Time for me to come clean

    So I’ve been harboring a secret. I failed level 1. I didn’t want to tell anyone and kept it from my classmates and SDN. I’m admitting it to the world now. My step father very unexpectedly passed away during my dedicated time and I should have taken the time off but I thought I could power...
  5. D

    USMLE Rx Coupons Through March 18th 2018

    USMLE Rx 6 month 360 package, Qmax, or Express videos coupons! New purchases only. You can also take advantage of this offer now and set your subscription to delay for up to 6 months. So, buy now, use later Click on "I have a coupon" in your cart to use the code! All coupons are valid...
  6. D

    How to increase your COMLEX Level 1 score

    Deleted post. I was simply trying to share my testimony about what God did in my life & what I did to increase my comlex score by 230+ points. The posts below are extremely rude & disrespectful. I refuse to be part of such negativity - especially when I was trying to do good. GB.
  7. B


    I have my COMLEX level 1 in 4 days. Can't seem to find any good/consistent information on how to interpret/use the COMSAEs to know if I'm actually ready for the exam. COMSAE form A 3 days ago- 581. COMSAE form C today- 469. COMBANK avg- 66% (I've only done about 3/4 of it so far) Should I be...
  8. Roxas

    Official 2017 COMLEX Level 1 Experiences and Scores Thread

    Alright friends, let's do this. I'm planning on sitting sometime in late June (COMLEX only). FA 2017 is on the way, starting UWorld in January and Combank around April. Feel free to share and help keep each other accountable until we slay the beast.
  9. Ismet

    BOTH Step I/Level 1 FAQs

    As the last FAQ thread hasn't been updated in 7 years and all the links are dead or very old, I thought I'd start a fresh one. This is a work in progress. If anyone would like to contribute, especially for COMLEX information, you are more than welcome to! Discussion Threads Official 2017...
  10. A

    Advertisement Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Review for the Boards (3rd ed, 2016)

    Dr. Crow just published the 3rd edition of his new OMM/COMLEX board review book. 1) Of other competitive books, this one is the only one written by NMM board certified doctors. They have been question writers for both COMLEX and COMSTAT. 2) The 2nd edition of books have been implemented in...
  11. Kaplan Medical

    USMLE/COMLEX Kaplan Level 1/ Step 1

    You know what to study—now learn how. We'll help you use what you’ve learned in medical school to score higher on theUSMLE® and COMLEX-USA®, and get the residency you want. From our NEWLY designed Qbank featuring over 2,000 exam like questions, High Yield, and On Demand prep options, there's...