liability insurance

  1. 297point1

    Other OT-Related Information Liability insurance for OT students?

    Hello OT forum- First time I'm visiting here. My next door neighbor is a lawyer, and her daughter is starting an OTD program next month. Being a lawyer, she was asking me if OT students need liability insurance (is it required), and who underwrites these policies. If she had only asked me about...
  2. TikiTorches

    Psychiatrist Liability-Insurance

    Any good, or in any event, less terrible medical liability insurance for a private practice psychiatrist?
  3. B

    Canada Rotations - Liability Insurance for international students AFMC

    Hello, I've only found very old posts about Liability Insurance. I am applying for a McGill's medical electives, but I need the LI to complete the process. Anyone has any tip/company/wheretolook about how to get that? Other then 'look in your university'- i've already done that. I am kind of...
  4. C

    How to get student liability insurance?

    Hi all, I have a rather specific question! I'm a non-traditional student (post bacc) working on her prerequisites to do a biology degree at a four year university (University of Washington). In order to save money as much as I can, I'm working through general biology and general inorganic...