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Aug 17, 2009
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Hello OT forum-
First time I'm visiting here. My next door neighbor is a lawyer, and her daughter is starting an OTD program next month. Being a lawyer, she was asking me if OT students need liability insurance (is it required), and who underwrites these policies.

If she had only asked me about pharmacy, I could have answered, but for OT I have no clue. The AOTA website took me to Mercer's website, but it wasn't clear there if they sell policies for students.

SO: is it a standard for OT students to carry personal liability insurance? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't suspect it is [it isn't for pharmacy]. Being that my neighbor is a bit of a nervous nellie, she'll want the insurance for her daughter anyways. Who (if anyone) underwrites policies, and how much do they run and how much coverage can they provide?

Thank you in advance.


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Oct 2, 2015
Well, this liability insurance is mandatory at our school, and a quick google search turns up the same for a number of other OT schools. We need it for our clinical Fieldwork for sure, and probably in case we accidentally injure a fellow student (which I would guess is very rare) doing joint manipulation, etc., in class.

Mercer/Proliability sells the student policy I purchased - just hit the option to obtain a quote for OT. The suggested limits for our program are $2M/$4M coverage, which is $41 annually. On my contract, it is underwritten by Liberty Insurance Underwriters.

There are other places which sell this type insurance, but I was in a crunch to get it and this is what is on the AOTA site, so I didn't do any additional research.

Attached is a photo of the coverage part of the contract with Mercer.

Hope this helps!


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It might vary between schools, but my school provides it to us since I think it's part of our fees. You could probably call the department and ask to be sure.
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Mar 20, 2013
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Pretty sure we were covered by the school. I didn't have to purchase anything myself, anyway.
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