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    Georgia Licensing Confusion

    Hello! I’m a dental hygienist not a dentist so I know this isn’t exactly the place to be asking my questions but I’m desperate. I’m going to be moving to Georgia in June because my fiancé has been accepted into OMFS residency. So I’ve been looking into how to get licensed there but the Georgia...
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    CA --> NJ License Transfer

    Hello, I appreciate your help here I need to transfer my pharmacist license from CA --> NJ. I obtained by CA license last year through score transfer from Illinois. Basically, I applied for licensure in IL to get an ATT for NAPLEX then score transferred to CA. I did not take MPJE in IL to...
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    IL License Reciprocity from MI

    Hi, Moving to IL and wanted get a head start on transferring my license. I graduated in 2015 and am licensed in Michigan, but I'm a little confused with the BOP website- From what I understand I have to submit a transfer license application via NABP- then attach that pdf to my application for...
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    PhD/PsyD FL licensure based on other state licensure

    This is rather specific....but has anyone recently and successfully achieved a FL psychologist license based on an existing CA license (i.e., based on the Psychologist Licensure by Endorsement of Other State Licensure application process)? If you can't speak directly to the CA to FL processes -...
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    Transfer License to Florida?

    I am in the processing my license over to the state of Florida, but I don't seem to understand which forms they are looking for? If anyone has recently transferred their license and could help me with the process, I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Transferring Dental License to Florida

    Hey guys! Has anyone from out-of-state tried to get a Florida dental license recently? If so, what documentation did you submit as your "proof of full time practice"? I have been reading the Florida dental laws and it says that I have to submit a "copy of financial or business records...
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    Missouri MPJE

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you have taken the Missouri MPJE in the last few years and had any advice concerning it. I will be transferring from another state and would appreciate it greatly. Best to you all.