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Feb 6, 2013
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Hello, I appreciate your help here

I need to transfer my pharmacist license from CA --> NJ. I obtained by CA license last year through score transfer from Illinois. Basically, I applied for licensure in IL to get an ATT for NAPLEX then score transferred to CA. I did not take MPJE in IL to complete the licensure process in IL.

I now need to get licensed in NJ. NABP will not allow me transfer my license from CA because I score transferred my NAPLEX from IL (it does give me option to choose IL as my basis state however I don't have a license in IL).

I have been reaching out to NJ BOP but have not had any response from them. I feel this is a common problem, I wonder how others dealt with this problem.
-Do I need to get my license in IL then license transfer to NJ? or Is there some exception NJ BOP makes for these cases?

I checked their regulations document, which states "No applicant shall be eligible for license transfer unless the applicant holds a current valid license in a state that grants licensure transfer to pharmacists duly licensed by examination in this State" "as obtained his or her initial licensure by examination and that the initial license is in good standing".

Please help!

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