1. D

    Is it possible to work for a corp or private office 3 days a week?

    I was looking to work essentially 3 days on 4 days off. Is this possible? Could I possibly do 3 10-12 hour shifts as a dentist working for a corp or private office as an associate? Is this something that needs to be negotiated? If you have personal experiences with this please let me know!
  2. alphacow

    Is an MD the way to go for money? prestige?

    Hello everyone :D I wanted to ask the more experienced lot of students here (especially people with a non-trad background to medicine where you considered other professions like finance, IB, quant analysis, law, etc) - is an MD the right path to chasing the bag? And another related question, is...
  3. D

    Two-Minute Pre-Med Student Experience Survey!

    Hey there guys! I hope y'all are all doing great in these weird times. I'm working on an Honors Thesis Project aimed at discussing how to maximize your undergraduate experience as a Pre-medical student and it would mean a lot to me if you guys could fill out this quick 2-minute survey about your...
  4. E

    Reality of this profession

    I'm a non-trad who completed a post-bac in order to apply to Med Schools. I've been drowning myself in SDN forums as well as talking to other physicians on their lifestyle after the arduous process of Med School + Residency. For me, this path is not about money. Making 250k vs 350k is no...
  5. G

    Pretty Terrible GPA Situation and Life Situation

  6. D

    Surgeon with an actual life?

    Over the past year I’ve worked as an OR tech and it pretty much reassured my love for surgery. But I’m worried about hours. My mother was always home but my dad was not. I don’t want to be this kind of father to my children. I want to be a surgeon, but I value time with my family the most. So...
  7. dllsl7

    Need expert advise for deciding future!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and help me! I am a senior in college with a GPA and sGPA of 3.2 and an MCAT of 512. I have leadership/ mentoring activities for a year, team building activities, 200+ hours of shadowing, some research experience and an upward trend in GPA. I was...
  8. Upstage

    Your Daily MCAT routine

    I've just started studying for my MCAT again a few days ago, and was curious how other people planned out their days and what were some things you all did to make 5+ hours of study per day not feel so long and feel like you still have a life! So far it hasn't felt bad at all, but i'm always...
  9. Osorio93

    FF/Paramedic to MD/DO

    So I know that similar threads have been posted but nothing has stuck out that I can relate to my own personal situation (duh). So here it goes: I am a FF/Paramedic, been in EMS for 4 years and the FD for 1 for a busy urban, semi-rural to rural county (Lake County, FL). We have pretty...
  10. P

    Master, Ph.D., and life in between

    Hello. I'm an international student recently accepted to M.A. in Forensic Psychology at John Jay College. While I'm thrilled to begin studying there, I'm trying to understand what my life will consist of in the next few years, and would welcome a feedback from people who went through the...
  11. OT1224

    Other OT-Related Information OT Student Life

    I am attending OT school next year. Could anyone give me (and other prospective OT students) insights on how school life is like, compared to undergraduate? -Amount of free time? -Social life? -Education more rigorous? -Friendships? -Opportunity to work with OT professionals? Etc. Any advice...