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    Mounting lights on other frames?

    Hi Everyone, I bought Designs for Vision Loupes in D1 and bought a pair of Q-Optics as a back-up just before graduation to take advantage of the student discount. I didn't buy a new light though. Has anybody found a way to mount the DSV light on another company's frames? I know some brands make...
  3. D

    Higher wavelength penetrate the tissue better why?

    Why does a higher wavelength penetrate a tissue below the skin better? Why wouldn't it be a lower wavelength => higher energy that penetrates a tissue better? Thanks!
  4. J

    Feather Lite by UltraLight Optics for sale loupes light

    Hi guys. I am selling a brand new Feather Lite for dental loupes, by UltraLight Optics UK. It is the lightest and smallest loupes light available. This is the touch battery pack edition, with a special ELITE wire too. Selling because I haven't needed to use it yet, and it's just sitting on my...
  5. S

    Does anyone have the Design for vision DFV new LED DayLite Wireless Light?

    I am a dental student and I need to buy a new light. I saw DFV new wireless light and I was wondering if anyone has gotten it yet. If so, how much was it and do you like it? Thanks for the help