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  1. Dr.ToBeDetermined

    Post-Bacc Advice: continue formal vs. switch to DIY

    Hello all I need some advice on how to proceed with my premed education (and I just think my premed advisor will be too biased for an honest answer). I am career changer and currently in a post-bacc program that claims to have 90% acceptance rates into medical school, and has plenty of linkage...
  2. T

    Suny Upstate Linkage Program Vs Ponce

    I have a friend who has been accepted to Ponce Medical School and the Suny Upstate linkage program (1 year MPH degree with conditional acceptance to SUNY Upstate medical). Unsure which one they would be better off choosing. Turning to the SDN community for your help! Thanks in advance
  3. odette.rosales

    What MBS program do I choose for Fall 2020?

    I recently got accepted to these following Masters in Biomedical Sciences programs for Fall 2020 and would love some guidance on how to best decide which program to attend. Ultimately, I am looking to start medical school in Fall 2021 so I am looking for a program that will best increase the...
  4. G

    Post Bac: GW or Temple BCHS?

    Which would you choose between GW and Temple BCHS post bac?
  5. mcmoog


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  7. F

    Need Help Finding Academic Enhancer Programs

    Hi everyone, Reason for Post-Bacc: I am currently in my Senior year at a top 60 university with a very strong science program. I spoke with my adviser and she said that my stats will not be good enough for MD (which is fair and I agree with her). My stats are 2.9 sci and 3.4 cum. I had a very...
  8. S

    *FIRST POST ON SDN* Need Advice on Post-Bacc Linkage Program Apps!

    Hello everyone! I am finishing up my undergrad in May 2017. I recently decided to pursue medicine and I need advice on a couple of things since the amount of information on the internet is overwhelming ... 1. What post-bacc programs should I apply to that have linkage programs? Preferably on...
  9. J

    Rutgers New Brunswick Postbac

    Hey guys, I'm starting my postbac at Rutgers NB next week. Anyone here a former student? I'm planning to apply to NJMS through the fast track program. Would love to hear any thoughts/experiences. Also, if you could shed some light on either the NJMS or RWJ application, that would be great also...
  10. E

    PostBac or Pre-reqs

    Hello. I recently graduated with a BS in Kinesiology. I have been accepted into DPT programs and is expected to start on June 2016. Now, however, I am steering away from DPT and would like to nurture my desire on becoming a physician. I won't waste time writing the reason why I want to make...