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  1. rose.o

    What MBS program do I choose for Fall 2020?

    I recently got accepted to these following Masters in Biomedical Sciences programs for Fall 2020 and would love some guidance on how to best decide which program to attend. Ultimately, I am looking to start medical school in Fall 2021 so I am looking for a program that will best increase the...
  2. G

    Post Bac: GW or Temple BCHS?

    Which would you choose between GW and Temple BCHS post bac?
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  4. mcmoog


  5. F

    Need Help Finding Academic Enhancer Programs

    Hi everyone, Reason for Post-Bacc: I am currently in my Senior year at a top 60 university with a very strong science program. I spoke with my adviser and she said that my stats will not be good enough for MD (which is fair and I agree with her). My stats are 2.9 sci and 3.4 cum. I had a very...
  6. S

    *FIRST POST ON SDN* Need Advice on Post-Bacc Linkage Program Apps!

    Hello everyone! I am finishing up my undergrad in May 2017. I recently decided to pursue medicine and I need advice on a couple of things since the amount of information on the internet is overwhelming ... 1. What post-bacc programs should I apply to that have linkage programs? Preferably on...
  7. J

    Rutgers New Brunswick Postbac

    Hey guys, I'm starting my postbac at Rutgers NB next week. Anyone here a former student? I'm planning to apply to NJMS through the fast track program. Would love to hear any thoughts/experiences. Also, if you could shed some light on either the NJMS or RWJ application, that would be great also...
  8. E

    PostBac or Pre-reqs

    Hello. I recently graduated with a BS in Kinesiology. I have been accepted into DPT programs and is expected to start on June 2016. Now, however, I am steering away from DPT and would like to nurture my desire on becoming a physician. I won't waste time writing the reason why I want to make...