literature review

  1. O.F. Hanson

    How do literature reviews look on MD/PhD applicants?

    Hello All, Breif introduction: An undergraduate entering second-year; major is chemistry concentrated in biochemistry; GPA: 3.99; sGPA: 4.0; no MCAT yet; biomedical research intern for Aspirnaut at VUMC in Nephrology & Hypertension department (summer 2022); attends Berea College. I am...
  2. MukashiMukashi

    Best way to get research experience independently?

    Rising M2 who is having trouble finding a professor to work with and get research experience from. Was thinking about doing literature reviews in my off time but I saw on a thread that journals usually tend to take them from experts in the field. Has anyone found success getting published...
  3. M

    How to List In-Progress Review Articles?

    I am looking for input on if/how I should be listing an in-progress review article in AMCAS Work and Activities section, writing about it in secondaries, etc. Some info: I am 4th author of 8 I created all the figures, did some editing, and filled in holes wherever more information or further...
  4. G

    Publishing Literature Review in an Undergraduate Journal

    Hey guys! I hope y'all are safe during this pandemic. I've recently written a literature review on some treatments for Alzheimer's Disease. It's a paper I'm extremely proud of because it took me A LONG time and a lot of research. I was told by a friend (who is also a pre-med) to publish it in...