1. bsneuroscience

    English Prereq Requirement

    I took 2 semesters of dual enrollment English in high school and they also transferred to my university from the community college. They were both 100 level classes and are called English composition 1/ English composition 2. I was wondering if these classes would be okay to fulfill most med...
  2. K

    Creative Writing Major - Will it hurt?

  3. A

    Stay in molecular bio or switch to biomed with a minor in English lit

    Hi everyone I am an international student studying in the US since 2012. Currently, my major is cell and molecular bio (CAM) and I have finished 102 credits out of 120 to graduate. I have a 4.00 GPA that I want to maintain. When I take MCAT practice AAMC tests, I get 121 in CARS and 127 in...
  4. Hospitalized

    Serious: The MCAT should allow CTRL+F for CARS...

    ...Because this is the only scenario in my life when I'm reading something on the computer and I won't be allowed to CTRL+F.